10 Tips To Be Healthy

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2015-07-13_155047Start your day with a delicious breakfast So you will fill the gas tank “to move after so many hours without eating. A quick and nutritious breakfast can be: 1 fruit, 1 cup of skim milk and sweet bread Bimbo.

Not exactly a secret that I have objections with jogging. I still do for my health, but there are certainly other ways you prefer to get a good fit. Research has shown that even if we think of fitness as a fun “as an exercise” affects the amount of food we finished eating. For me, exercise is to play volleyball. For you can be dancing, swimming, biking. Do not think that just because you do not like conventional exercise “like running to the gym, you’re bad exercising. Have nothing to do!

This is another of those things that I’m still trying to be better. There are moments to connect to Instagram and send text messages, and there are times when it’s really obvious that you are not present because your eyes are glued to the screen. I had one of those moments a few days ago when I was having dinner; I was so focused on answering some emails from work when I finally looked up, I noticed that my colleagues with whom I was having dinner were silent, waiting for me to keep the phone. It was a disruption and distraction, frankly, quite disrespectful. Let us resolve to put an end to all that addiction.

The editor of the journal Health and Fitness, Sarah Klein is an expert on issues of hydration. Always seen with a bottle of water in hand, and if there is ever a question on the subject, she always knows the answer, know what I ask expert. In my years of working with her, I tried to follow his example. Not only the fact of drinking water makes you feel satisfied, so you do not have a voracious hunger (and overeat as a result), but also a way of not drinking sugary drinks. When you are drinking water, try not taking soft drinks sugary juices.

Usually, a salad is healthy. But when in a restaurant filled with the dressing and croutons, it can be the opposite. The same goes for any food, if it comes to ordering in a restaurant if you are in the store aisle corner. What has become clearer to me, it is that the best way to really know what you’re eating is just prepare yourself. Your eyes can see the amount of salt you’re eating because you’re the one doing the measurement.…

A Journal cofee Can Be Healthy?

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2015-07-13_155131We all know that too much coffee is unhealthy, most experts in healthy eating recommend reducing intake of coffee (if excessive), but it is important to know that if consumed in moderation, this drink can bring different benefits organism.

Learn to cook. Prepare your own meals will be a wonderful experience, and you will try different recipes and at the same time save money. What’s more, you can control all the ingredients that enter your body, which is the only way to influence your diet!

Oral health, brush your teeth, tongue and floss after eating; food particles usually cause bad breath and gingivitis. Go to the dentist regularly for cleanings and makes you detect any problems before they become serious.

Having emotional intelligence means to be sure, be good to work to achieve your goals, poderte adapt and be flexible. You recover quickly from stress and tough you are, “says the psychologist Daniel Goleman. Emotional intelligence consists of five parts: social skills, empathy, motivation, self-awareness and self-control. And fortunately, all these features can be grown. I am curious about the things that go beyond yourself. You have to know what you’re good and you need to keep improving. Try to improve your ability to pay attention.

I admit this is something I’m still working. I am a quick person; I am walking fast, fast to eat, fast talking. This also makes me very impatient, and sometimes very unobservant. Stop and smell the flowers has never been my forte. But slow down to appreciate life and all its small details, builds gratitude, and that’s a very healthy thing.…